Warwick Castle Planning Applications: a special Warwick Society meeting on Thursday 24 February at 19.00hrs

Warwick Castle has made two major planning applications to the District Council. Many already know of the proposals. One is to move, enlarge, and make permanent the overflow car park on part of Leafields, south-west of the Castle estate, and within the Grade A registered landscape of the Castle Park. The other is to build a 60-bedroom hotel at the lower end of the existing main car park, up the drive from Stratford Road, to extend the restaurant of the ‘Knights’ Village’ in Foxes Study, and to build a raised walkway connecting the two. This also affects the registered landscape; and both proposals affect the setting of the Castle itself, Grade I listed and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. There are of course many other implications, for residents and concerning traffic.

The Council has to determine whether these applications should be approved. The criterion for approval is whether they conform with national and local planning policies, which are set out in the Local Plan, obtainable at:  https://www.warwickdc.gov.uk/downloads/file/4623/new_local_plan

The car park has the reference W/21/2192 and the hotel the reference W22/0140, and the documents detailing each can be found here:

The applications, especially that for the hotel, refer to the Masterplan for the Castle, approved by the Council’s Cabinet in 2020, at a meeting of which the record is here:

Objections and other representations are most easily made online. This is the link for the car park: 
For the hotel, the reference must be switched.

The deadline for objections to the car park has passed, but further representations can still be made; that for the hotel is Monday, 28 February. Representations will really only be effective if they explain why, in the objector’s view, the proposal does not match planning policies, and especially those which protect such important ‘heritage assets’. Not, for example, ‘I don’t like turning the Castle into a children’s theme park’, but, in the case of the car parking (for example)

The proposal conflicts with Local Plan Policy TR2, which states in part that:

Any development that results in significant negative impacts on the health and wellbeing of people in the area as a result of pollution, noise or vibration caused by traffic generation will not be permitted unless effective mitigation can be achieved.’

To share our views on the applications, and to help and encourage objectors to them, the Warwick Society has arranged a special meeting, open to all, without charge. It will start at 1900 (7pm) on Thursday 24 February, in the Unitarian Chapel, 31 High Street, and will finish by 2100.

Those who plan to make objections themselves will be especially welcome. The seating capacity of the Chapel cannot be exceeded, so please arrive in good time. Please also, as is sensible for everything now, take a Covid test before setting out for the meeting, to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, and wear a face mask.

If you have any queries about the meeting, or the applications, please email sec@warwicksociety.org.uk


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