Friday 26 June

The Annual Warwick Society
Gardens Evening

starting at the Unitarian Chapel,
High Street, from 18.00

We are very grateful that owners of some of Warwick’s most beautiful gardens will again open them for our evening promenade. While the weather cannot be guaranteed, we can be sure that the gardens will be delightful. We are privileged that the gardeners, some members of the Society, others not, will be giving us access to places which are usually private green havens in the built-up area.

When you arrive at the Unitarian Chapel, you will be given an itinerary, and you can make your way around the gardens at your own pace. They will close at 20.30, when you return to the Unitarian Chapel for a drink, to compare notes on what you have seen, and to catch up with other members on their news.

Book in advance, for £4, or pay £5 on the evening. Whenever you decide to join in, your first glass of wine, or as much fruit juice as you wish, is included in the price.

Tuesday 12 May

Great Hall of the Lord Leycester Hospital,
starting at 19.30.

Warwick: Air Quality, Traffic,
the Local Plan and Health

Nicola Wright and Nadia Inglis,
Public Health Warwickshire

The air in all the main roads in Warwick town centre is polluted beyond the legal limits. These streets form, with some roads in the south of Leamington town centre, Air Quality Management Areas. The District Council’s Environmental Health Officer is required to measure pollutants in them and to apply an Action Plan to make air quality safe.

Implementing that Plan requires action by the County Council, which is responsible for highways and their traffic. And overseeing the whole issue is the County Council’s
Director of Public Health, Dr John Linnane. We invited him to speak to us about air quality, and we are pleased that two members of his staff will join us to do so.

They will discuss the level and the effect of air pollution, the impact on it and on health of the traffic generated by the planned sprawling suburbs south of the Avon, and the Public Health response to all this.

Air pollution is clearly a matter of great concern for residents of both Warwick and Leamington, and it has long term implications for their economies and their fine buildings. We are sure that the meeting will be of interest to many, members of the Society and others. We do ask you to arrive in good time, as only the first 100 will fit into the hall.

We are delighted to say that the Summer Newsletter is now available. Most members will have recieved their copies but if not you can read it here.

The Newletter gives details of forthcoming events, including details for the Garden Evening. Tickets may be obtained in advance for £4 or on the door for £5

The next event is:

Tuesday 12 May

Great Hall of the Lord Leycester Hospital,
starting at 19.30.

Warwick: Air Quality, Traffic,
the Local Plan and Health

Nicola Wright and Nadia Inglis,
Public Health Warwickshire

Summer Newsletter 2015  Follow this link to read more

On Shane O’Connor’s Breakfast Show with Annie Othen, James Mackay for the Warwick Society notes mixed results at the Planning Committee and Tracey Darke defends Council action. This programme was broadcast  yesterday, 1st April and is available on listen again. James is on at 07.00hrs and TD at 08.00hrs


The latest two planning applications for nearly 1,000 homes on the edges of Warwick are due to go before the district council next Tuesday – both with recommendations for approval.

.Land off Europa Way between Leamington and Warwick which has been earmarked for development.

James Mackay, chairman of the Warwick Society, said: “There is absolutely no need for either of these housing applications to be approved now because the earliest the homes could be built would be 2020. There is certainly no market for them at the moment. Read more


The Stratford Herald reports that the Planning Inspector believes SDC core strategy is not sound. To read more follow this link.



Tuesday 10 March


Annual General Meeting

followed by

The Archæology of Northgate Street

Caroline Rann, County Archæological Service

Great Hall of the Lord Leycester Hospital, starting at 19.30

Caroline will report on the 2014 excavations on the site of the demolished 1930s office building behind the Northgate Street houses. Evidence of many centuries of occupation was uncovered, improving our understanding of mediæval Warwick’s society and economy. Caroline will of course be showing us photographs of the dig and the finds. Her talk had to be postponed from 10 February, and she has kindly agreed to this early re- arrangement. The AGM will take place briefly before the talk.


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