Contact Details

Chairman: James Mackay    4, St. Johns  Warwick  CV34 4F  01926 498381

Membership Secretary: Julie Dent

The society is proud to have nearly 400 members. If you know someone who would like to become a member please contact Julie Dent Membership Secretary

For further details, please click here.


Chairman: James Mackay  ◊ Treasurer: Linda Butler  ◊ Programme: Hilary Holland ◊ Membership: Julie Dent ◊  Meetings Secretary: Julie Dent  ◊ Newsletter: vacancy ◊ Website: vacancy


2 thoughts on “Contact Details

  1. Hi, I spotted on Facebook that there is an event at The Lord Leycester on 11th February called Roman Warwick.
    Do we need tickets for this or can we just turn up on the night?

    1. No need to book Liz, but as it has been twice postponed and is likely to be very popular I would aim to get there early. Also keep an eye open as if it can be cancelled at short notice if someone is ill.

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