Our next event is a talk on St Mary’s 1123 to 1704

Tuesday 8th March at 7.30pm in the Hill Close Gardens, Visitor Centre, CV34 6HF

Tim Clark will give this illustrated talk to showcase St Mary’s varied and fascinating history. Next year is the 900th anniversary of St Mary’s Warwick being granted collegiate status and the Church is running a series of events in commemoration, in parallel with the Campaign 2023 appeal to raise £2 million for the restoration of the iconic tower.

Hill Close Gardens is an exciting new venue for us. You will find the entrance from the car park by the Racecourse in Bread & Meat Close (off Friars Street)

Please also, as is sensible for everything now, take a Covid test before setting out for the meeting to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, and wear a face mask.


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