St Mary’s Church Campaign 2023

Members of The Warwick Society are invited to an information event at St Mary’s Church on the afternoon on Monday 2 August.

The event is part of the launch of a fundraising campaign, for the urgent and huge task of repairing the tower, landmark from a distance for the whole town, and to provide the means of maintaining the fabric, the music and the ministry of the Collegiate Church for future generations to enjoy.

People who attended a similar event a few days ago not only learned of the church’s plans, but also enjoyed an enlivening discussion led by Tim Clark on the architectural history of this glorious and fascinating structure. Tim, a member of the Society, talked of the crypt, and what it tells us about what might have stood over it in earlier stages of the church’s life, of the post-Fire reconstruction of nave and tower, to plans matched by few if any other in England, and of the artistic and historical splendour of the Beauchamp Chapel, its glass, its wall-painting and its memorials.

Our invitation allows members of the Society to hear Tim again, to spend time in the church which, like much else, has been largely out of reach for 16 months, and to consider the part that we can play in the fundraising campaign.

The event will start at 3.30pm and last for less than an hour – unless we’ve many questions, in which case some may stay longer.

If you would like to attend, so that catering numbers are known, please email Clare Sawdon, fundraising adviser to the church, at

We hope that you will find it worthwhile to attend and learn more about the Church and the Campaign


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