Air Quality

The air in all the main roads in Warwick town centre is polluted beyond the legal limits. These streets form, with some roads in the south of Leamington town centre, Air Quality Management Areas. The District Council’s Environmental Health Officer is required to measure pollutants in them and to apply an Action Plan to make air quality safe.

Implementing that Plan requires action by the County Council, which is responsible for highways and their traffic. And overseeing the whole issue is the County Council’s Director of Public Health, Dr John Linnane. We invited him to speak to us about air quality, and we are pleased that two members of his staff will join us to do so. Details of this event are available here

They will discuss the level and the effect of air pollution, the impact on it and on health of the traffic generated by the planned sprawling suburbs south of the Avon, and the Public Health response to all this.

Air pollution is clearly a matter of great concern for residents of both Warwick and Leamington, and it has long term implications for their economies and their fine buildings. We are sure that the meeting will be of interest to many, members of the Society and others. We do ask you to arrive in good time, as only the first 100 will fit into the hall.