Next Meeting Tuesday 14th March

Our new programme of events will commence in March. We would like to give you the opportunity to review and discuss the issues which are facing the town now. These include,

  • Kings High School site: update and planning application
  • St John’s Junction: Warwickshire County Council’s proposals 
  • St Mary’s Lands: feedback from latest meeting
  •  a new South Warwickshire Local Plan [NOTE: Public Consultation open till Monday 06 March 2023]. To view the consultation document and supporting evidence see South Warwickshire Local Plan

All of these have implications for Warwick Conservation Area* and we hope to talk more about its condition and the threats that it faces.

*See map:

The meeting will be held in:The Lammas Room in the Visitor Centre at Hill Close Gardens, Bread & Meat Close, Warwick, CV34 6HF at 19.30 hours


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