Beneath Warwick’s Streets: A talk and Demonstration by Alex Harvey

Meeting on Tuesday 13th September at 7.30pm To be held in The Lammas Room in the Visitor Centre at Hill Close Gardens, Bread & Meat Close, Warwick, CV34 6H

Alex is co-founder and creative director at RiVR, a virtual reality studio that creates immersive photo-realistic VR training for blue light services all over the world. He is a Warwick resident and we know that his work on underground scanning in Warwick has generated a lot of interest. 

Has he found cellars, quarries, culverts (some even say tunnels)? Are these for water supply, drainage or what? Note: Alex will bring headsets for people to ‘go inside the tunnels’.

We have also invited Ben Wallace, who leads the County Council’s Ecology, Historic Environment and Landscape (Records) team, to give his thoughts at the end of the meeting on what we have been shown.

In the light of the death of Her Majesty the Queen, the Society’s committee has considered carefully whether the meeting should go ahead. We noted the advice from various government bodies, and from the organisers of the Heritage Open Days, which are now taking place – not to set a rule but as a parallel.

It is a talk that has been planned for a long time. We have concluded that on balance the meeting should go ahead, but for its educational benefit rather than as a social occasion – so no wine afterwards.

We hope that you will feel able to attend, but of course recognise that some members may not wish to.

If you do want to join us, please arrive in good time to be more sure of a place – once the room is full we shall have to turn away latecomers, and this may be before our start time of 1930 hours.


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