Legends of deep England explored and reimagined. A presentation by Sarah Hosking

Tuesday 10 May at 1930 hours. To be held in the church hall of St Mary Immaculate, West Street.

An enigmatic title indeed…but during the Covid epidemic, the Hosking Houses Trust had to close its retreat Cottage in Clifford Chambers. Instead, they commissioned this collaborative work based upon twelve legends associated with Warwickshire. Appointing twelve historians and twelve novelists, each legend is examined in two ways. There is a historical assessment and this is then matched by a creative reinterpretation of each legend and, while this whole enterprise is not quite complete, it is intended for publication as an illustrated book.

This talk illustrates and describes the work, which was initiated by Sarah Hosking, a native of Warwickshire.

Her father, Dick Hosking was a founder member of the Warwick Society in the 1950s and she was brought up in Warwick amongst a long established Warwick family. Having spent all her career anywhere but Warwick, she returned to the county in 1996 and founded the Hosking Houses Trust, a retreat for women writers, in Clifford Chambers near Stratfordwhere she lives.


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