Some Announcements

Many members will have known Steven Wallsgrove. Sadly, Steven died unexpectedly, after a short illness, in Warwick Hospital on 19 October. His funeral will be held at the North Chapel, Oakley Wood Crematorium, at 1pm on Friday 19 November, with a reception afterwards at the Roebuck Inn, Smith Street, Warwick.

Our Chairman reminds us that Steven was for a short time a member of the Society’s committee, but made a much bigger contribution to our understanding of the history of Warwick’s buildings through long hours spent in the County Record Office, of which he chaired the Friends. He built up a compendious history – on card indexes – of very many of the town’s older buildings, and some of the newer.

We will miss heavily the opportunity to seek his advice, and his informed interventions at some of our meetings.

We asked for your thoughts on a Supper Evening in December – pre-Covid, our members’ get-together has always been a popular event in past years. Thank you to those who gave the matter their serious consideration and let us know how they felt. When the Committee considered whether we should proceed, its members found that the continuing effects of the Virus weighed heavily on their minds. The rates of infection remain high, and we were aware of serious illness and even death, locally, still resulting from it. We considered all of the options, of format, location, menu, and how to serve a meal, but concluded that none which would provide the joy of many past dinners could feasibly and safely be arranged.

Reluctantly, but we are sure wisely, we will therefore have no Dinner, or other Christmas party, this year. We will all have to wait and see when something becomes possible, but we do hope to have some sort of social event (as well, as ‘real’ meetings with speakers) in the spring or early summer.


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