Masters and Brethren: the good, the bad and the heroes.

In November 1817, the Brethren wrote to the Master to complain about Brother Cater:

“He is still going on in a way more Audacious – for the last twelve days he has scarcely ever been sober, going to bed with a pipe in his mouth and a candle burning on the bed, and bringing his sister, a person of bad character, into his room.”

The next talk of the Warwick Society is given by Georgia Wilkes, co-author of the recently published book Masters and Brethren: the good, the bad and the heroes, and is a version of her talk to Warwick Words, this year.

She shares new research shedding light on the Masers and Brethren who have made up the centuries’ old community of the Hospital . Copies of the book are available for purchase at the Lord Leycester Hospital, the tourist information centre and at Warwick Books.

The meeting is on Tuesday 9 November, at 19:30.

To obtain the link for the meeting contact


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