The Black Book of Warwick

Tuesday 13 April 2021 at 19.30 hours, by Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting from 1915 hours

This is a fascinating and invaluable manuscript for understanding the historically important borough of Warwick during the Elizabethan era. Originally intended for use as a municipal minute book for the Corporation of Warwick, which today has been succeeded by Warwick Town Council, it evolved into the personal diary of the irascible town clerk, John Fisher. Through his eyes we can explore our town as it was 450 years ago, and re-live historic moments such as the visit of Queen Elizabeth I in 1572 and the local disputes and conflict that resulted in the violence of the Myton Riots.

Emma Bromley, local historian, will share her research on this Elizabethan manuscript. Emma is a life-long resident of Warwick with a passion for local history.  She attained her degree in Medieval English and History at the University of Birmingham before producing a thesis on the Black Book of Warwick for her Master of Research qualification.

Join us to hear of this and of her current work for the Dugdale Society, a local charity established for expanding historical knowledge of Warwickshire.

This is a zoom meeting, please email on


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