Emma Hamilton and her connection to Warwick

This is a Zoom lecture from Adam Busiakiewicz

To receive a link please send name and email address to sec@warwicksociety.org.uk

Tuesday 10th November. Meeting opens at 19.15

Emma Hamilton remains one of the most intriguing female celebrities of late eighteenth century Britain. She was the muse of artists and painters, and eventually won the heart of the country’s naval hero Horatio Nelson. Lesser known however, is that she was discovered and brought to fame by Charles Francis Greville, brother to the Earl of Warwick. On account of his debts and academic interests Emma was eventually married off to Greville’s aged uncle Sir William Hamilton, envoy extraordinary to the Court of Naples. She visited Warwick several times, and charmed the Earl of Warwick so that he was inspired to write a poem on her notorious beauty and charm. The bells of St Mary’s were rung to welcome her, Nelson and Sir William into town in 1802. This lecture will explore Emma’s extraordinary life, and her various connections to Warwick and the Greville family.

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