Award Winning British Design 1957- 1988

Very many thanks to Lily Crowther for her talk on Award winning British Design 1957-1988. And a big thank you to all the audience members who shared fond memories of favourite designs and cherished objects, many still in use!

If you are disapointed to find you missed the talk, Lily Crowther’s book is available. In 1957 the UK Design Centre launched the first annual Designs of the Year Awards to identify and promote the very best of British design. For the next 30 years, the awards celebrated designed objects in all forms, from the domestic cutlery, glassware, textiles and furniture to the communal street lights, signage and public seating and everything in between, including fitted kitchens, schooners, bicycles and electronics.This beautifully designed book introduces and illustrates the quirky breadth of the awards. Iconic objects by Robin and Lucienne Day, Kenneth Grange and David Mellor sit alongside such retro classics as the Barbican basin, the ZX81 personal computer and Globoot wellies

Thank you also to Gill Smith and Hilary Holland for managing the inaugural Zoom meeting so very smoothly. If the thought of a Zoom meeting was a little daunting this time, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands if you join us on Tuesday 10th November.

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