I am delighted to report that we have arranged the following talk by Adam Busiakiewicz to replace our planned programme for this evening:

Tsars, Sultans and Emperors

The extraordinary Grand Tour of Lord Brooke, 1801-1803

On 12th July 1801 the twenty-two year old eldest son of the Earl of Warwick embarked on an extraordinary adventure. Henry Richard Greville (1779-1853), Lord Brooke and later the 3rd Earl of Warwick, spent nearly three years travelling to the furthest parts of Europe on his Grand Tour. This included the highly unusual destinations of Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, as well as being one of the first of his generation to travel as far as Athens and Constantinople [Istanbul] in the Ottoman Empire.

A recently rediscovered journal in the Warwick Castle archive (held at the Warwickshire County Record Office) has allowed us for the first time to chart his journey and experience in full, along with particularly detailed and amusing descriptions of the important noble and royal figures he met along the way. This lecture will also be illustrated alongside the evocative watercolours and drawings that Henry made during his travels.

This talk replaces our publicised event Roman Warwick as our speaker is ill.

Adam is a doctoral candidate at the University of Warwick and will be known to many of us as an informative and entertaining speaker. Please come and hear him speak.

7.30 at the Lord Leycester Hospital


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