Adapting the Traffic to the Town, not the Town to the Traffic?

James Mackay, Chairman of the Warwick Society write as follows:

The County Council is about to ask us what we think of some ‘Warwick Town Centre Traffic Improvements’.

A decade ago, having failed to win support for earlier proposals, it set out to build consensus on how to reduce the impact of too much traffic on the town centre streets. But the Council’s heart was never really in the process, and it failed. Little was achieved. The money available for this from the SW Warwick developments now seems to have disappeared.

More recently, consultants have prepared a ‘Transport Strategy’ to channel through Warwick and Leamington the growth in traffic from the sprawling housing developments south of the town. The ‘Strategy’ – on which the Local Plan depends – aims not reduce the impact but to increase the flow of through traffic. At best, its computer-controlled queues of cars would be less worse than if nothing was done – or, more plainly, even worse than they are now.

It is essential that vehicle traffic is reduced: growing understanding of the extent and the effect of polluting exhausts, especially from diesel engines, makes it one of the most damaging health risks that we all face.

Read the full text of James’ full letter to the Courier here.


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